Complete apnea : techniques and benefits

Apnea is a well-known phenomenon but not widely practiced. The practice of apnea allows you to enter in a new physical and psychic dimension which can be an asset exploitable in many areas, such as: health, sport, reviews…

Apnea is a part of respiration that is why it is the pillar of control of our emotions. Breathing is both a reflex but also an act you can absolutely control. So work on your breathing can be very beneficial.

A breathing in 3 times

  • Belly Breathing: it inflates the belly in order to lower the diaphragm.
  • Thoracic Breathing: after it inflates the lungs.
  • Clavicular Breathing: to finish, it fills the upper part of the lungs.

Unlike the breath we take daily which is unconscious, in freediving the breathing must not begin by the high (shoulders and chest) but by the bottom (the stomach).

It must therefore push the belly outside during the breathing. You must push the belly outside during the breathing. In fact it helps to lower the diaphragm and to increase the volume of the lungs in order to receive a maximum amount of air.

Subsequently, we can inflate the chest and finish to breathe by raising the shoulders. This step is the first step toward the knowledge of our body.

For the expiration, it is the same, and it is done in 3 times:

  • Ventral Expiration: belly draws to reassemble the diaphragm.
  • Thoracic Expiration: then, we empty the lungs
  • Clavicular Expiration: we finished by emptying the upper part of the lungs.

The knowledge and the good mastery of this breathing technique come with a regular practice. Subsequently, it provides benefits expected as unexpected: elongation of the apnea times, mental concentration, control of the breath, growth of the respiratory, quiet capacity, drench of the vestigial air of the lungs, combustion of air by the cells, massage of the internal organs and intestines, etc.

This technique, associated with slow movements under water to decrease the oxygen consumption of muscles, allows us to deal with each dive quietly. In addition, it allows you to practice the jogging with a good oxygenation which eliminates stitch, keep calm in situations where one would normally tense and excited, to prepare for an exam or a stressful meeting, facilitate childbirth etc.
If after trying this technique you want to go further and try free diving, be aware that among SSS Phuket, we practice the apnea and the courses that we offer lead to a certification. In addition, the spots of Kata Beach where we make our dives are simply amazing. Do not hesitate to contact us to try free diving with professionals, you will not regret it!

Have you tried the technique of complete breathing? Did it help you? Please explain us your sensations and progress!

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