Freediving with sharks

Couldn’t it be amazing to freedive with sharks?

Tiger sharks have a man-eaters reputation but we don’t know so much about them. We can find them in tropical waters, they are usually between 3 and 4 meters and can be impressive. Eusebio and Christina experienced several freedives with tiger sharks in the Bahamas: “Eye contact was incredibly powerful when interacting with the tiger sharks”. They were surrounded by 6 sharks at the same time but they loved this sensation. They were able to observe sharks’ behaviors, for example, they noted that this is a solitary species.

Freediving with Tiger Sharks

Who are Eusebio and Christina?

Eusebio is from Spain, Christina from Australia, they are married and they share the same passion for freediving. Eusebio created Apnea Total which offer freediving courses, he trained lots of freedivers to a professional level. He also performed National Records, he dived to 105 meters in depth in the discipline of Variable Weight. Christina completed her freediving courses at Apnea Total, where she met her husband. She is now teaching freediving and achieved a National Record, she dived to 80 meters in the Constant Weight and Free Immersion disciplines.

They achieved a world record together in a Tandem Variable Weight dive to a depth of 100 meters. They are also famous for their photos, videos and their work with The Guardian, Geo, National Geographic…

The couple hopes to make people aware of sharks’ importance. They get involved in shark conservation and teamed up with Shark Guardian.

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