Sleep Underwater

Have you ever dreamed to sleep underwater ? This is now possible !

The Manta Resort is situated in Pemba Island which is a part of Zanzibar Archipelago and the biggest clove producer in the world. They offer an underwater room with a 360 degrees view in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The appartement provides 3 levels made in local hardwood.

chambre sous l'eau

Sleep Underwater

What is the program of the day ?

You will take a wooden boat to go to your room which is 250 meters far from the beach. Then you will eat a tropical lunch with cold drinks. A kayak and snorkeling equipment will be provided, you will enjoy the marine life in crystal clear water. Bat fish, Trumpet fish and Spanish dancers have taken residence around the underwater room. You will have the chance to observe their behaviors while lying in the soft double bed. During the night, you will be able to sleep under the stars on the landing deck. A dinner and a breakfast will be provided at the time you want. You will check out at 11:00 am and comeback to real life.

How much do you have to pay to sleep underwater ?

A night in this paradise will cost you 1500 dollars or 750 dollars per person if you share the room.

At SSS Phuket we don’t have rooms like this but we can offer you freediving courses!

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