Some tips in apnea

Thailand is one of the places in the world with the most beautiful seabed. To do this, you can snorkeling. Here are some tips to save your oxygen during a snorkeling.


Apnea : relax yourself, and focus. Begin to breathe deeply and slowly through your mouth (be careful not to hyperventilate). Do not immerse in cold water to keep your body at the right temperature and so do not spend energy to warm it. Use a combination if you dive in cold water, you will gain few precious seconds. And finally, use a nose clip to avoid to use one hand to hold your nose. 


Catch your breath with technique of « Carp ». This is a technique that is to continue to blow air in the lungs after a full inspiration. After, you must block the air and it is still sucking air by opening the mouth. The air is then injected into the lungs by releasing the glottis and closing the mouth.

Once you’re ready, filled with air, down under water using the technique of the duck. It is a way to plunge into the water without useless effort. Put yourself in a horizontal position on the surface, bend the body to 90 °, hands to the bottom. Then send your legs vertically in the air, the weight of the legs and thighs out of the water are enough to send down your body than two meters before any swimming movement. The most common mistake is to try palmer while your palms are not fully under water.


Once fully under water, make large and slow movements with your fins.

When we dive, our body is under pressure caused by the weight of water. This phenomenon is mainly at ear level, we must compensate. Simply pinch his nose and then blow. You will then feel your ears “RELEASE”. You can swallow if you feel that nothing has happened.


You are now able to visit the seabed without bottle! If you want to spend your first star AIDA in Thilande the SSS Phuket Club welcomes you every day in a friendly atmosphere:

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