Subwing, The Wing to Fly Underwater

Subwing is a new watersport which consist of being towed by a boat like water skiing except that you hold your breath in the water. Thanks to wings divided into 2 swiveling parts, you will be able to perform figures.



How does the project took shape ?

Subwing has been created by Simon Sivertsen, an 18 years old Norwegian. This sport gives you the sensation of flying underwater. The first version was made with wood but it was too limited. This talented inventor wanted to improve his project, that’s why he went on a sailing trip near Greek Islands. « Several weeks of navigation, lot’s of test and prototypes have moved the project forward. » The second prototype was also made with wood because of the lack of resources. It was composed of two parts joined by a hose connector. The benefit of the swiveling parts is that you can manage 2 directions.


Subwing Prototype

Back to Norway, he persevered « Even if the water was very cold during the winter, we couldn’t give up. We were forced to wrap our heads with adhesive tape to avoid cold water seeping into the wetsuit. »

Henceforth, Subwing has two swiveling wings in carbon which allows you to perform figures and curve. You can also control the dive’s depth. This equipment is easy to use however the freediver need to be well-prepared.

Subwing for sale

There are 3 different models make with carbon fiber, fiberglass or plastic. Prices start from 215€ to 660€ depending on the model you choose.

Have a look on this video, people are trying Subwing in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand !

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