Underwater discovery

Apnea gives you some feelings and permits you to discover underwater life as free as possible for a few times. But it couldn’t be great to dive deeper and for a long time? In the following list you will discover different engines to dive deep and for a long time without apnea.

1.  XS100 Trio Alpha



This is one of the three submarine concepts that can allow three persons aboard. It has been designed for luxury yacht owners. It will be able to move up to four to six knot around the water.

2.  Apnea submarine

apnea submarine


This submarine principal concept is to increasing the efficiency of underwater exploration, and especially for scientific research. Apnea is an eco-submarine powered by hydrogen fuel cells. This submarine can get 12 persons and can stay underwater for almost 2 months.

3.  C-Explorers



Designed by U-Boat Worx, this submarine can go 100 to 1000 meters deep inside the water. It is a luxury engine with luxury items like champagne cooler, IPod stereo dock, etc., and it is powered by lithium-ion battery. This little jewel is not cheap; the single-seater model is about $358,377 and the five seater-model is about $1.07 million.

4.  Triton 36 000

triton 36000

You probably know James Cameron, the famous film maker. It is him, who beat the record of the deepest dive with a submarine. He reached 10,975 meters and the price of this submarine is $15 million. With all its characteristics, it’s much more than an engine.

5.  Virgin oceanic



This submarine was designed to reach the five deepest points in the ocean in next two years. It is made up of carbon fiber and titanium and can also fly up to 10 km on the ocean surface, dive very quickly with 350 feet per minute and operates for 24 hours long.

6.   Ego submarine


This submarine is easy to control because it is driven like a car so everybody can drive it. Besides it has an electronic accelerator pedal and switches for navigation control. It has a battery that permits the submarine to operate for 6 to 10 hours.  Windows are made up of special acrylic material to deal with pressure and light transmission.

7.  Tourist submarine concept


This submarine could revolutionize the snorkeling and give a lot of fun to guests. Its interior is aesthetic and luxury, perfect for journey underwater.

8.  Phoenix 1000



It is a submarine Yacht that can be owned for $80 million. It comes with 5,000 square feet of interior space on four levels and can dive up to 1,000 deep under the water. Moreover the interior can be customized and it is offer with a mini submarine inside this big one that can dive up to 2000 feet.

9.  Marion hyper sub

Marion hyper sub


This engine is a submersible power boat that can dive to 250 feet and the 880hp engine permits a speed of 75kph on the surface of the water.

10. Scubster



This is the fruit of two collaborative French Universities. It is powered by pedals, and this zero-emission submarine was designed in order to become an exploration tool for scuba divers, and foster the science. It can run at a speed of 10kph and allow long operations with a good oxygen capacity.

It must be awesome to dive in one of these submarines but don’t worry, come to SSS Phukete and you will practice freediving in the best waters of Phuket!

Source: http://www.designbuzz.com/10-submarine-concepts-submerge-deep-waters/

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